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- 1000MB Disk Space, 1000MB Bandwidth, 5 Email Addresses, 1 MYSQL Databases, 1 Parked Domains
FTP Access, PHP 5.2 Linux CentOS Server
Additional Usage $0.0165 per MB monthly.
- 5000MB Space – 5GB bandwidth –
Unlimited emails, 5 DB, 5 Addon Domains, 5 parked domains. Additional usage is charged at $0.0125 per Megabyte each month.
- 10GB space 20GB Bandwidth – unlimited emails, unlimited DB – unlimited addons and unlimited parked domains. Additional usage is charged at $0.0095 per megabyte each month.
- HIre a Webmaster - this is your Content Package. We will keep your site up to date, adding new pages, editing existing pages, blogs and fresh content. We make up to 2 changes per week all year in this package. This is in addition to a hosting package and must be purchase separately.
- If you are worried about security or need a hand administering your site, emails, databases, backups and content management system upgrades (CMS updates) then this is the package for you. This package will protect your site and give you no worries.
- This is a combination of both other Webmaster Packages giving you the complete bundle. It comes with an overall discount. If you want a site that has individual webmaster attention, content updates, secure with all features administered properly - go for this package.
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